3 Ways That Metal Roofs Benefit Homeowners

A roof is one of the most important and expensive features on a home. With that in mind, many owners now replace original roofing materials with metal systems. Metal roofing supplied by companies like Erie Construction is so beautiful that it increases home values and curb appeal. Erie Metal Roofs last longer than other materials. They also make homes more energy efficient, which helps owners save on heating and cooling costs.

Roofs Are Exceptionally Durable

Homeowners often order metal roofs because they last much longer than conventional materials like asphalt. Metal is fireproof and stands up to the strongest winds. Roofs are rarely damaged in hail storms. In fact, installing a metal roof can reduce homeowners’ insurance rates. Roofing systems need little maintenance to retain their strength and beauty for 70 or more years. In contrast, an asphalt roof typically needs replacing in 20 years or less.

Metal Roofing Is Gorgeous

Although the term, “metal roof” might conjure up images of nondescript metallic commercial buildings, modern metal roofing systems are just the opposite. Suppliers offer materials in a wide range of decorator colors that add beauty and interest to properties. Homeowners can also order metal roofs that mimic conventional materials like slate, shingles and shakes. Contractors provide elegant copper roofing and can replicate vintage styles. In fact, many owners with rustic cottages or country manor style homes replace original materials with metal that maintains the charm but increases value. Contractors also provide and install unique-looking standing seam metal roofs that encourage snow to melt quickly and are strong enough to last a lifetime.

Roofing Systems Increase Energy Efficiency

Elegant metal roofs add superior insulation to homes. They help homes remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter. That is because metal reflects heat instead of absorbing it. Most homeowners see a drop in energy use as soon as one billing cycle after roofs are installed.

Many of the most beautiful decorator residential roofs are now made from metal. Contractors can provide and install elegant systems that replicate nearly any other roofing materials but offer more durability. Metal roofing is also easy to maintain and adds insulation that helps homeowners reduce energy expenses.