7 Tips for Playing Fortnite Mobile for Beginners

7 Tips for Playing Fortnite Mobile for Beginners This is the latest review that you can see in this article. For those of you who have just played Fortnite Mobile, you still have to be confused, how do you play this game correctly and correctly? Wow, that’s right! G CUBE today wants to give you 7 tips for beginners who have just played Fortnite Mobile! Let’s follow and learn the 7 tips below!

Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile

Use Spawn Island for training

The first tip when playing Fortnite Mobile is to use the island laying eggs for you to practice! In this place, you can try various controls if this is your first time playing. There is nothing wrong with correcting or changing your settings and practicing in this place, before fighting.

Learn How to Build and Type Buildings

For those who play Fortnite Mobile for the first time, they will be surprised if you can build a building here! There are 4 types of buildings that you can build, namely Walls, Floors, Stairs, and Roofs. Learn how to build buildings and building types first, so you are not surprised when playing.

Always Use Your Pickaxe

Always use the pickaxe you have! You will always have these close-range weapons and are very useful for collecting building materials such as wood, stone and iron! Shaking your opponent at the beginning of the game to death can also be used with this weapon, so there’s no need to doubt the majesty of its function!

Mastering Enhancement and Healing Use

At Fortnite Mobile you don’t have armour, but it’s replaced with the name Shield! There are several types of concoctions that can give this shield to you, namely the Shield Potion and Small Shield Potion. Both have the same function but for the small, they can only fill your shield up to 50%.

How Can You Win When Playing Fortnite Mobile?

Therefore you must be smart to use it against enemies, and Healing Items! You can use Bandages to fill your blood but only up to 75%, while the Med Kit can fill your blood up to 100% again. You can also play other exciting games that are definitely more exciting, Try playing this Domino Qiu Qiu.

Learn the Battle and Style of Playing Fortnite

Fighting on Fortnite Mobile is not rich in other games! You must use a combination of weapons and buildings to win each battle. You can’t just rely on your shooting skills!

Play styles and many types of weapons at Fortnite Mobile. Do you know there are Rocket Launchers or RPGs in this game? It’s really cool, so the point is you have to be smart at fighting various types of strategies! Learn weapons, build buildings, and play efficient styles to win!

Learn the Loot Fortnite Map and Location

The map on Fortnite Mobile follows Season 5 from another version of Fortnite, so there is already a desert on this map! Many different locations in 1 map offered by Fortnite Mobile. Because fighting in each location will also be different. Learn about each location on Map Fortnite to better understand this game.

The location of loot is also important for you to know. Usually, booty is in the building and also in treasure chests! When you open this treasure, you will get a higher level of loot than you usually find! Therefore, follow the treasure sound to find the location of the special booty.

Learn from Pro Fortnite Players!

Fortnite has been around for a long time before this Cellular version comes on Android, many pro players have played it for thousands of hours! For example, like Ninja, the streamer is very good at playing Fortnite. Now you can watch videos from him while playing to get better in the game! There is nothing wrong with making role models for better pro players.

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Well, there are 7 tips for you beginners at Fortnite Mobile! We gave it that much for today, hahaha. If you want to see other tips, don’t forget to visit and follow Facebook and Instagram! Leave your comment below too.