Basara 2 Play Patterns and Mechanics

Basara 2 Play Patterns and Mechanics – Since the days of the emergence of Playstation 2 game consoles all over the country, almost all people and circles have played console games for a million people, including TS. Whether it’s a PS2 rental, either at a friend’s house or at home PS2 owner.

Basara 2

This latest article will share ways to play the Basara 2 game. Basara Attack, by gathering the Basara Gauge to the full (blue bar under the blood), you can launch the Basara Attack by pressing the Circle button. Different heroes are different from Basara Attack, and the coolest Basara Attack that TS has ever felt is Basara Attack from Miyamoto Musashi.

Drive Mode, to get drive mode to kill 100 enemies to get yellow drive mode, 300 enemies to drive orange mode, and 500 enemies to drive red mode. The stronger the drive mode color, the longer the drive mode.

For element selection, in the game 6 different elements are provided with different advantages. That is :

a. Fire: So this element of fire still deals damage to the enemy for a few seconds with enemy animations burning. Even after you make further hits. It is suitable to fight the Hero who has thick blood. Don’t forget to visit the link too.

b. Ice: As for ice, this element makes the enemy pause for some time (very little according to TS) like a mini stun. The enemy cannot move with ice animation attached to his body. So this element is perfect for fighting agile heroes.

c. Darkness: For dark elements, the user will get HP from enemies that have been killed (Absorbs Life). Animations such as spirits that fly around your character until the spirits hit the body of the Hero agan. Then the additional HP of the enemy killed will enter.

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d. Wind: In the wind element, you can slowly draw enemies by carrying out regular attacks, attack skills, or basara attacks. So the enemy will not run away because of being sucked in by the Hero’s wind. For other interesting games you can visit this link.

e. Electricity: the coolness of this electrical element will do damage to nearby enemies who are hit by electrical element blows. It is suitable for quickly eradicating a group of enemies.

f. Light: this light element can easily damage enemy defenses. For those who are in harmony with opponents who have strong defense, it means that the Hero with the light element is the solution.

Slots Items that can be filled when the initial level is 3 slots, but by playing continuously with the same Hero Slots will increase to a maximum of 5 slots. Items can be obtained by playing Story Mode, Gaiden Story Mode, Conquest Mode. or Free Battle Mode and achieving certain achievements.

But there are some items that can’t be obtained through playing. And the only way is to buy it. For those who are still confused about using items to support the game. TS explains a little TS knowledge about items that TS often uses from low to high levels.

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There are 3 main items that must be used. First there is a Blood-Enhancing Pearl that increases the maximum amount of HP from the Hero you play. 2nd there is a Damage Enhancing Bracelet just as the name implies.

Yes, it can add damage to +400, the 3rd there is a Protective Armor that can add defense points up to +200. That’s the most important review of the game Basara 2. Hopefully useful.