How to Get a Line Sticker for Free from Other Countries!

How to Get a Line Sticker for Free from Other Countries! This time I will discuss the dialogue, how many ways to get free stickers from other countries that can be shared on Google, but please, maybe there are still some who don’t understand their use.

We can get free stickers from the country we want, while it’s not permanent, it’s good enough to show off to your friends or girlfriend. According to the Latest News in Indonesia there are not many free line sticker, for those of you who like sticker collections, you can try this method bro. This method is free, without any capital. We only share friend information.

Many users want to have stickers, but they don’t want to buy coins. So I like to thank you for this method you need to add your sticker collection. There are actually ways to get free line stickers from other countries permanently. Maybe I will post tomorrow if possible, bro. We use other country numbers on our phone. If many people ask, I will post it later. Now I post how to use VPN first.

By using VPN we can install free stickers from other countries, it’s just that our compilation uses our VPN signal to be rather slow, GPP is just slow to get free stickers is not a big problem. The important thing is that we get an additional free sticker collection. We will discuss it immediately.

1. Delete the data path first

If your channel is not in your telephone number, you do not need to save track data again, because the purpose of installing this data is for your channel line telephone number. Before loading data, enter the line you are already connected to Facebook.

Because your compilation downloads your data you enter using Facebook. This method is also possible if you want to change your telephone number online. Why do I have to install a telephone number first, min?

Are There Other Ways to Get This Free Line Sticker?

Therefore, bro, we want to use another country server if our channel is still registered with an Indonesian telephone number, will it be synchronized with the VPN? Not. The first method is a very important factor.

2. Download hola vpn

You don’t have to use a VPN, you can also use your favorite VPN, the important thing is VPN. Here I only use Hola VPN, download the man again.


3. borrow from VPN

Open the hola vpn then, select the country server you want to continue to connect to. I use a Japanese country server because there are many free stickers in Japan. There are also VPNs that don’t have Japanese servers. I forgot the VPN name. If there are many country servers, this is popular. I use hola vpn.

See the picture above, if you like you open. If you have installed, the application is installed, select the path. Select stop forced. Then you open the line, then go to the sticker shop! Lots of free stickers there. Hopefully with this review, it can help and benefit you all. Thank you for reading this review.