Pray as the Second of Five Pillars of Islam

Pray as the Second of Five Pillars of Islam – Pray is one religious activity that many people do. All of the people are praying based on their own religion. Even though, in Islam, pray is becoming one of the most important of all. That is because pray is the second of the five pillars of Islam. Yes, unlike some other religions that do not require the people to pray all of the time, Islam is a bit different. That is because as a Moslem, someone has to pray five times in a day. As an addition to that, there are also some other prays that you can do. These pray are considered as the Sunnah or the secondary pray.

In Islam, you are required to pray five times in a day. The pray is something short and simple. Yet, it has a lot of meanings that will teach you a lot of things. That is why you are required to have about five minutes break to pray five times in a day. That is why pray is number two on the five pillars of Islam. It is because in Islam, they want to highlight the importance or pray as one of the religious activity that will connect the people with the God. Because of that reason too, there are some other prays that will require you to do it with a lot of people together.

For your information, the pray in Islam is not only a simple activity of worshiping Allah as the God. That is because behind the activity of praying itself, there are a lot of hidden meaning that you really need to grasp. One of them is the activity of cleaning yourself before you pray from all of the things related with the world. Another thing is the meaning of your own consistency in worshiping the God for five times in a day. This second five pillars of Islam is actually not something easy to do.