Some of the Latest Android Games Online and the Best!

Some of the Latest Android Games Online and the Best! The best online Android game is one of the most played games by gamers around the world, including Indonesia. In Indonesia alone, Android games are preferred over online PC games because they are more flexible. Only armed with an internet quota or WiFi network, you can play games anywhere and anytime.

Android Games Online

Android Games Online

According to the latest information not only that, but Android games also offer more choices, ranging from sports-themed games, simulation, action, puzzles, to adventure. Fun, most Android games are free to download. Well, for those of you who claim to be true game lovers, have you tried the best collection of Android games online below?

Online PUBG

One of the best Android Games is not only popular but also a favourite of gamers. The reason is, this battle royale game offers a different fun from similar games. In this game, you will be gathered with a hundred other people on a foreign island. To survive, you have to find weapons and fight against enemies.

Although present as a mobile game, in fact, the Lightspeed & Quantum developers do not change the mechanism. In fact, it’s exactly the same as the PC version, although it’s a little different on the graphics side. However, all aspects, starting from the storyline, ranking features, mission, to interesting events are not much different.

Rather than a PC version that can only be played in a limited way, the mobile version has a wider range. Where all players around the world can play this game at the same time. That way, the sensation of playing the battle royale game is increasing. No wonder the game has been downloaded more than ten million users.

Are Android Games the Best Online Games?

The Sims Mobile

Who doesn’t know The Sims? This everyday life simulation game is very popular in the world. The sales figure is very fantastic. Thanks to its success, the original game can only be played via PC and this Play Station can be found and downloaded for free through the Play Store. Visit too Judi Online

In this game, you can build and decorate your dream home, find work, socialize, and find a soul mate. He exclaimed the mobile version of The Sims presents mission features and stories that include stories, social, career, and hobbies. Each of these stories has a different mission. You must complete this mission to get attractive rewards and speed up the level.

Fun again, in this game you can customize characters easily. Although not as perfect as the PC version, but the best online Android game also presents impressive details. Guaranteed, your days will be more colourful with the presence of The Sims mobile. Link Download

Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution is a Massively Multiplayer (MMORPG) Online Role-Playing Game that has many fans around the world. No different from the PC version, Lineage 2: Revolution has an interesting gameplay with amazing graphics.

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In this game, there are four characters that you can make, namely Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, and Dwarfs. Each character has its own advantages. However, the most important thing in this game is to increase the strength of the characters you play. You can join elite prisons, prison extractions, or other missions to gain strength. This is one of the best android games online.