Tips & Tricks to Become the God of Playing PUBG

Tips & Tricks to Become the God of Playing PUBG! Have you played PUBG Mobile games yet? Games with the main genre of battle royals are indeed being played on smartphones.

According to the latest information After reviewing the beginner’s guide on how to play PUBG Mobile, in this article I will continue to discuss PUBG Mobile tips and tricks that are more advanced to survive to become last man standing. We just start right away.

Location Falls from the plane

Every time you play, you will be taken on a different route so that the plunge point will be different. To be simple, I will divide into two options, first landing in the middle of the map or in the best spot full of good loot items like BandarQ Online. But most likely you will immediately meet the enemy.

The two plunged in locations that tended to be safe and with minimal potential for firefight, namely at the end of the map. If you choose the second option, dive near the highway and immediately look for a vehicle. Agen Poker Online make practicing your skills.

Falls as fast as possible

You know, we can slide quickly by pointing the virtual analog button up. After the parachute opens, we can also control and determine where the landing site is as close as possible to the vehicle or building.

We recommend that you directly target the vehicle, then immediately go away from the plane route line to a safer place to process the loot and get the weapons and equipment needed.

Run as fast as possible

In open areas, of course we have to move as quickly as possible. Well we can take advantage of the ‘auto sprint fitur feature to run at full speed. How to direct the virtual analog button up or by using the shortcut on the top right, then you will continue to run without the need to press again. In addition, we can store weapons so we can run faster.

One more, the feature that must be utilized is the free look. Where you can see the surrounding area without needing to change direction. You do this by dragging the icon with a small eye right near the map.

Self Supplies Before Fighting

Always check the situation before entering a building, pay attention if the door is open or there is a car that is parked then there might be an enemy and you should look for another building.

In PUBG Mobile there is the ‘auto loot fitur feature, where your character will only automatically take important items, replace stronger weapons and ammunition, and other equipment such as backpacks, helmets, vests, and medical items.

How  Tips & Tricks to Become the God of Playing PUBG ?

Very helpful right? But the weakness of the feature is that sometimes it is missed items that are actually needed in your strategy and the process of taking them is also time consuming.

If you want to become a more professional PUBG player, here you are required to learn the items that exist. So, it is more efficient in determining the items carried.

Replacing Vehicles

When supplies are enough, it’s time to comb and move to the safe zone with the vehicle. Compared to motorbikes or karts, using a car is a more appropriate choice.

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We can use many aspects such as trees and buildings so as not to be easily shot at by enemies, bushes to obstruct the view of the enemy or lurk enemies from high hills or from inside the house.

Those are some reviews of tips & tricks from this game PUBG. May be useful.